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  • Beverly Moon – Hot Rod Bunny
    Name: Beverly Moon
    Nick Name: Early
    Age: 18
    Hobby: Cars, Hot Rods and Cars. Did I mention Hot Rods?
    Favorite saying: “Owning a hemi would be like, the ultimate thrill”!

Hi everyone, I’m Beverly Moon! Otherwise known as The Hot Rod Bunny! You can call me Beverly! And I’m a girl who loves cars, especially hot rods.

I was raised in an orphanage in Gas City Indiana. My love for cars started at the orphanage Christmas party when I was four. I received a toy hot rod and a new doll, I soon realized that the doll could fit in the car and was soon racing it all over the place. When I was 8 years old I graduated to pedal cars. A beat-up, rusty one from the 40’s was donated and I immediately claimed it as mine! I painted it red with yellow flames and called it The Red Bomb. Oh I miss that car. I raced it up and down the block constantly. I got into a little trouble with it but you’ll have to read my story to get the details. They aren’t pretty!

You’ll meet my two closest friends Brunhilda and my little sister Cynthia. We’re really like sisters, all growing up together in our little town.

When I turned 18, I needed a job and I got a hired at the local auto parts store. You’ll meet my boss, Mr. Franklin and the two knuckleheads I worked with; Kyle and Will. You’ll  read about my first car! A rusty old ’54 Dodge. Don’t cringe, it had a Hemi!

You’ll even read about my experience at the circle track. Well, it was actually a figure 8 race and things didn’t go well! You’ll never guess how that turned out. I was so embarrassed!

But more importantly, along the way, I solved the mystery of who I am and where I came from. What a journey!

That’s only a small taste of fun that’s covered in my book! So buy a copy and get in on the Hot Rod Bunny craze!

At the bottom of this page I included a fashion show that features the different outfits I wear in the book!

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  1. James Gallucci

    Thoroughly enjoyed Beverly Moon`s adventures in HOT ROD BUNNY! Can`t wait to read the sequel! I hope there`s animated feature in the future! Jim Gallucci


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