Rambler Gasser

Thank you for finding Hot Rod Bunny website and adding your comments! Yes, I was really interested in that car of yours. I will be doing a small article on it for the Model Cars Magazine. They have an “Inspirations File” department that features interesting vehicles to build. Since there was a model kit of the ’59 Rambler wagon that was available recently it is possible for the kit builders out there to make a scale model of it! I took lots of pictures of the Rambler at the GNRS so the details could be followed exactly. The article may not show up until late spring however. The magazine is usually packed! For more info on the hot rods and customs I design and illustrate check out my website at bradleisure.com



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  1. Shawn Parker

    I found your window again. Hey did you know that a model builder took photos of the car at 2014 criusin’ for a cure Costa Mesa and brought the car to life in 1/24th scale. He won his Class, Interior, Exterior, and Best of show. I told him that I would tell you about him. He will be taking the car to the big show for modelers coming up soon in the San Diego area. I told him we would take the actual car to the show to display for everybody if thats allowed. He said that he would help if needed for a kit producer. We purchased the car from him at the 2015 CAC. Happy New year. If you google rambler gasser wagon you will see the car everywhere, simply baffling and amazing. Thanks again for your write-up and interest. Shawn & Kathy


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