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Rat Rods: Hot Rods or Rolling Heaps?

  As most of you know, a recent trend in hot rodding is to rebel against the shiny trailer queens with acres of clear coat and just let the car stay rusty or even to help it along with a grinder or an acid bath. A natural “patina” or flat black primer paint job (suede)… Read more »

The Talk: The T Birds and the Super Bees

    Hotrods. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Some are sleek, stylish, and polished, while others may be more crude and unrefined.  Some hotrods sound wonderful and run great while some may backfire and smoke. Some have beautiful candy-colored paint while others are rusty and dusty.  It doesn’t matter the type of… Read more »

Hot Rods and Your Five Senses

    There are many hobbies one might want to take up. Some people like playing with model trains, or model cars, (as in my case) golfing (which I’ll never understand) or even landscaping but there’s one hobby that without a doubt stimulates all the senses. Building a Hotrod. Touch You may ask: “what does… Read more »

Raising girls with high self-esteem

    Part of the reason why I wanted to write Hot-Rod Bunny was for my kids. My wife and I adopted older children that didn’t have the benefit of good morals being modeled for them.  They needed life lessons! Now, I wanted them to know about cars, my hobby, but I also wanted them to have an… Read more »