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Some Very Cool Old Car Survivors

Over the years I have taken many photos of old cars and junkers. The most interesting ones are the survivors that still run and are being driven, if only to cars shows but still road worthy. At the Grand National Roadster Show 2015 there were a few really neat cars that had apparently survived somehow… Read more »

Designing the 1949 Mercury

The ’49 Mercury is probably one of the most recognized cars in the world. It was originally supposed to have been the new Ford according to several sources. But the body went to Merc and Ford got the new famous “shoe-box” styling. When I was going through my old magazine collection I remembered I had… Read more »

Forgotten Hot Rods From The Movies

Everyone knows the famous yellow deuce coupe that was used in American Graffiti. There are many automotive icons from the movies and TV shows. A lot has been said about these cars but I like looking at the not-so-famous cars in the B movies and TV shows. Sometimes I wonder where they came from. Well… Read more »

Good Bye Leslie Gore

We here at Hot Rod Bunny were saddened to hear about the passing of Leslie Gore who died of cancer on Monday Feb 16th. She provided some of the best and I think iconic songs from the early and mid sixties. She had a very strong singing voice and could belt out a note with… Read more »

Rambler Gasser

Thank you for finding Hot Rod Bunny website and adding your comments! Yes, I was really interested in that car of yours. I will be doing a small article on it for the Model Cars Magazine. They have an “Inspirations File” department that features interesting vehicles to build. Since there was a model kit of… Read more »

NNL West Model Kit Show 2015

On Saturday January 31 hundreds of model car enthusiasts showed up in the quiet town of Santa Clara CA. They filed into the show hall at the Great America Convention Center to one of the largest model car shows in California. This is an annual event in Santa Clara and the NNL has annual events… Read more »

What is Hot Rod Bunny all about?

Well, for those of you who don’t know what Hot Rod Bunny is all about, it is about a girl making her splash in a man’s hobby. The first story takes place in 1964 when most young women thought about horses or husbands or college or whatever. Anything but cars! The main character’s name is… Read more »